The Hygiene Suite – For SATB Choir

My goal with the hygiene suite was to create choral music that was decidedly not sacred (don’t get me wrong I love the stuff) but at the same time not profane. I settled on the mundane. The texts for these works are taken verbatim from various hygiene product labels. These pieces explore the juxtaposition of the text on the front of a product verses the small print on the back. Has that ever struck you as fascinating? I love the way a 180 degree pivot turns a product bottle from “Rejuvenation, replenishment, all natural, goodness” to “Danger, flammable, kidney disease, death, etc. etc.” Here is some media–

(Performance of Shampoo + Conditioner and Deodorant — Group For New Music Concert, Fall 2011)

Deodorant (studio multitrack recording by sound engineer Cliff Newman and performers Curtis Smith (spoken part), Alex Vincent (Bass), Benjamin Bird (Tenor), Charlotte Smith (Alto), and Elisa Bement (Soprano))

The other tracks that still need to be performed and recorder are: Lotion, Mascara, and Hairspray. Hairspray is particularly promising because it is all about exploding, flames, and pretty much all the things that make action movies–and fun choir pieces–exciting.