Progulator Review

So, along with composing and studying and photographing mushrooms I have a penchant for progressive music. What is progressive music? Well, that’s too large of an issue for me to take up at the moment. Suffice it to say, it is a nice crossroads between the heady uptown side and visceral downtown side of my artistic/auditory tastes.

I have some great friends who devote a lot of time and energy to this wonderful world of prog who have asked me to do a bit of writing for them. Composing words, not music in this case, as a reviewer of albums. I welcomed the chance to score some new music and pick over the latest releases by MoonJune Records. So if you’re interested in prog rock, or if you are still asking yourself (or googling in another tab) what prog rock is, head on over the the site and check things out. Here is my first album review as well. 

Enjoy responsibly,