Fay, Harp Quartet

There was something magical and ephemeral about my morning hikes through North Carolina’s Smokey Mountains. The mists would roll though the trees down to the lakes like a wet stage curtain and I could almost see wood elves and fairies out by last night’s moonlight—floating lightly over the moss, leaving the colorful mushroom buttons wherever they stepped. It was on these morning constitutionals that I began sketching “Fay.” This piece is a snapshot that captures the delicate temporality of entering forest clearings and holding my breath—treading as softly as possible, so as to not disturb the artistry of the moment.

Special thanks to:
Ina Zdorovetchi and members of the Brevard Music Center Harp Ensemble: Jacqueline Marshall, Minyoung Kwon, and Anna Ellsworth. Without your time, diligence, and instruction, this piece would not have been possible.