Quadriloquy (n.) A soliloquy for four.

The opening “motive” makes its way into each movement and each instrument—hence the four saying the same thing; quadriloquizing as you might call it. The hymn is inspired by the Lutheran chorale style hymns of the LDS faith that I have grown up singing. A triloquy consists of three instruments imitating what the soloist is playing, a la ventriloquist. The finale, calliopede, is a raucous, funk- inspired groove that spins around, wailing like a carousel calliope, and pulling apart like a centipede moving in two directions—calliope + centipede = calliopede. Listen for fragments and types of that opening lick as it makes its way into every nook and cranny of the piece.

A very special thanks to Christian Asplund, for his constant guidance, instruction, and encouragement and Casey Grev, whose ebullience and eagerness made this piece possible.

And an extra special thanks to my wife Charlotte, for providing all the support and understanding a composer could ever want—and more. This piece is for you, its premier coincides with a special date—happy four-year anniversary.

Live recording from the July 12 premier at the Brevard Music Center, 2012 season
Performers: Casey Grev, Elyse Vest, Nicole Roman, Julian Velasco