Three songs for alto voice and tuba with multiphonics.

TubaVoice condensed, coverBased on original, these three songs aim to portray three contrasting events in the life of the author. “Youth” muses on the simplicity of youth–a common past time for many a muser who finds himself in the middle of exams, juries, school loans, relationships, and the like. “If I was a Slug” was written while watching slugs and snails creep along outside my window in the rain late one night while living in southern Argentina. And “Night of the Flying Dead fish Bones” is based on a dream about, well, you just have to listen to the song and find out. Written for my wife Charlotte Palfreyman Smith and tubist Brendan McQuoy and premiered in 2009 as part of the BYU Group For New Music concert series, the studio recording here is of Charlotte and tubist Eric Smith. Enjoy

~Curtis Nathaniel Smith, Jan. 2013

TubaVoice condensed, slug