Headshot of Curtis SmithCurtis Nathaniel Smith (b.1983) is a composer, instructor, and artistic director living and studying in Bloomington, Indiana. His music encompasses an amalgamation of styles ranging from rock to contemporary art music and has been described as scientific, explorative, lyrical, energetic, fun, and elegant. Recent projects include “Kepang” (Braid) for carillon & gamelan (see featured video), “3:43.13,” a string quartet based on the mile world record, a Helix7, a percussion quartet and Hedron, a new work for large chamber ensemble. Beyond composing, Curtis has been involvement at Indiana University as the director’s assistant at the Jacobs School of Music’s Office of Entrepreneurship & Career Development and as a graduate student officer in the IU Student Composer’s Association. Curtis is also the assistant director of the Ivy Tech Center for Lifelong Learning where he works with artists, instructors, and local businesses to program enrichment courses for the community. His duties also include producing summer arts camps for kids. Other community involvement includes his role as the regional music chairman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints where he manages all musical activities for church congregations for Monroe and several neighboring counties.